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20 Pack Raspberry CBN Gummies

20 Pack Raspberry CBN Gummies

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CBN is known as the sleepy time cannabinoid. While the name is similar, CBD and CBN are different molecules. CBN has a relaxing effect and sedative properties. It is also great for helping you to get comfortable and fall asleep while experiencing a more restful night sleep.

Take 1-3 gummies 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Wait at least one hour before taking a second dose. This product has sedative properties and will likely cause tiredness. 

Customer Reviews

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Mona Humphrey

20 Pack Raspberry CBN Gummies

Your sweetest sleep yet

These magic gummies are the best for getting a good night's rest! Ease into sleep with these great tasting gummies and rest assured you'll sleep like a champion and wake feeling refreshed with no grogginess or fog! Sleep was never so sweet!!

Kim Hansen
Yummy gummy

The raspberry gummies were amazing. They helped relax my muscle spasms so that i could sleep more comfortably. They tasted just like a sour patch kid. The soap smelled absolutely phenomenal! Our mail carrier asked me what was in my package bcuz the scent filled her truck. Thank you for such quality products

Ethan Teige

I love these gummies; they are phenomenal for sleep

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